Bayswater is the part of London I live in. Close to Paddington Station and Kensington Gardens, it has everything you could possibly ever want or need, and what it doesn't have is available in the West End, only a few miles away. Cosmopolitan yet comfortable, cutting edge yet cultured, urban and urbane, the only real problem with living here is the shocking price of property. Oh, and if you find diversity, whether of the racial or the social type, an issue you'd probably be happier somewhere else. Less segregated than Paris and less theme-parkish than Manhattan, this is the sort of place where you find St. George's Cross flying skinheads living next to burka-clad Arab women, living next to prostitutes, living next to millionaires.

Oh, yes, the rent is a bit much but the odds of finding anywhere as ham-radio friendly as the current place I live in at a price I can afford anywhere within commuting distance of London that isn't a crack-addled cesspit is approximately zero. I got lucky and I know it.

If you've got a bit of money, these sort of garden squares are abundant - small flats start at a cool half a million sterling.

Cleveland Square, November 2005

If that's out of your price range, you end up in a former council block like this. Now you know why I get out so well with just a doublet...

Reading House, December 2005

St. James', Sussex Gardens is the local Anglican Church and where I am generally found of a Sunday morning.

St. James', Sussex Gardens, November 2005

And this is the Greek Orthodox Cathedral, mother church of the Greeks in Britain and Ireland.

Greek Orthodox Cathedral, London , December 2005

Cosmopolitan Westbourne Grove, with its endless procession of ethnic restaurants, is one of the local high streets. Madonna says it is her favourite shopping street in the world. Unfortunately Madonna and her ilk have pushed rents up beyond the means of some of the useful shops - like cheap eateries and hardware shops - and had them replaced by places where you can by a genuine alligator skin handbag for only 2000 pounds... just what I always wanted!

Westbourne Grove, November 2005

As my flat faces South West, I get some nice sunsets, like this one with the moon and Venus at opposition.

Sunset from my flat, November 2005

No London photograph collection would be complete without a tube picture. If you've flow into Heathrow, you're likely to end up picking up the tube here, at Paddington Underground station. Believe it or not, this is a quiet period, about 9 pm on Friday.

Paddington Bakerloo line station, November 2005

One local shot of particular ham radio relevance is the house Marconi lodged in on Hereford Road when doing some of his most important work on the commercial application of radio. I haven't got a picture of that yet, so watch this space.

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