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Welcome to my website, which details the amateur radio activities of Gerry Lynch, G0RTN, in London, England. Please have a browse through the links to find articles of interest.

I am active mainly on CW (morse code), both ragchewing and DXing. I am usually on in the evenings, UK time, after work and quite a bit at the weekends as well. I also operate contests using my own callsign or M2W, the special contest callsign of the Whitton and District Amateur Radio Society. Like a lot of people I play with computer programmes which let me pretend I'm on the air even when I'm not, though in my case it's not so much Echolink but rather Morse Runner and PED.

I was born in 1977, started broadcast listening in 1986 and got my original callsign, GI0RTN, in my home city of Belfast in 1992. I have been on and off the air at various periods but am always lured back by the call of the bands. I am currently active with an IC7400 transceiver and an R7000 vertical in an electrically noisy urban location. I am FOC 1875, World Wide Young Contesters No. 482 and High Speed Club Member Number 1850. I have no professional connection with radio or electronics, having studied Politics at University and having worked in politics and a variety of civil service policy wonk jobs. I currently work for the Department of Health on issues relating to kidney disease.


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Create a great great circle distance and bearing chart
Excel users - this Excel sheet will calculate bearing and distance to a wide variety of cities and islands (currently 235 world wide, but I'm working on an expanded deluxe version) as long as you plonk in your latitude and longitude. As you can see from it, you can have additional worksheets if you regularly work from more than one location.
If you know how to play around with Excel, you can make pretty little tables for the shack operating table and even do silly things like put all the locations in order of bearing.
I shamelessly modified an existing Excel workbook created by a VHF DXer from the American Midwest to make it HF friendly. I now can't find the site but would like to give credit where it is due.
If it seems a bit European heavy on locations - well, remember, that's where I live! Add your own if you want - the Getty Gazetteer has an endless supply of latitiudes and longitudes to plug in.

My e-mail address is E-mail: - thanks to QRZ.COM for the spam free graphic.

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